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Product2, Pricebook2 and PricebookEntry

Hi all,


  Could someone explain the relation between these 3 objects. Please give explaination on the context of creating new products. What all entries should be created while creating a product?


Santhosh KumarSanthosh Kumar

Here is my try.


"Product " s a "thing" that you can sell to others. In simple world each product has a price which is same for everybody. But we live in complex world so we want to sell same product at different price to different folks. Consider your friend wants sell your products but he wants some commission so you would sell to your friend at price less than you sell to others.


"Pricebook" is a mechanism you can maintain different sets of prices for your products. "PriceBookEntry" is a price for a particular product in that price set.


Salesforce help offers more information about this.