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Removing Recently Viewed limitation from Lookup

Hi all,


I am using a filter within the Case objects "Contact" Lookup field, so it will only list Contacts attached to an Account.  This works great, with one exception... it only lists records that were "Recently Viewed".


This throws a wrench in my plan, since some Contacts haven't been viewed in over a year... and wont be listed.


Is there a way to remove this flag?






Unfortunately, that is the default behavior for lookup fields.  I assume it is done this way for performance reasons.  If your lookup field has thousands of records, the user could be waiting a long time for the lookup dialog to load all records.  However, it would be nice to have a setting to control whether or not the lookup dialog loads recent items or all available items.  For your use case, I'm assuming loading all contacts would not cause performance issues.  Here's an idea that addresses this issue - http://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000BpkOAAS.


This is not for performance... Using paginate will be a great idea too... Backend of salesforce is very limited, must develop your own...


Thanks guys.


Sorry for such a late response to the first reply...  I didn't get a ping. I did for the second one however. Hmmm...


That's too bad about this limitation... it seems a lot of backend work needs to be done for SFDC. Oh well, job security! :)