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Visual force page .


i have 3 custom objects: Missions- MonthJob which is master of DailyJob.

in the DailyJob i have a lookup to missions.

the idea is to show for every  mission in a vf page its MonthJob (all the DailyJob attached to this mission).

please, can you give me a code to start the creation of this.

Thanks a lot!!

So the three objects are :


Is it ?

Have you tried anything yourself so far ? It would be useful to know what data those objects contain, and what you'd like to display.  


But maybe this is a good opportunity for learn some visual force yourself, have a look at the workbook for a good introduction: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/workbook_vf/workbook_vf.pdf



yes that are the three objects.

thanks for help


so, i need to display MonthJob in the missions layout  (associeted list )


So do both Monthjob & dailyjob have a relation to Missions ?


Also, I'm a bit confused, do you want a visual force page or are you looking to create a custom tab for your mission object ?


If both MonthJob and DailyJob have a lookup to Missions, they should appear in the related list of the Mission detail page. If you want to make a custom tab, read this: http://login.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/creating_custom_object_tabs.htm or watch http://www.salesforce.com/customer-resources/learning-center/details/video/custom-object-tab.jsp




MonthJob is the master object of DailyJob.

DailyJob have a related list to Missions.

i want to display the MonthJob in the page layout of missions.

thanks for help