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make the object name read only!!

hello ,

Please can any one answer my question: is it possible to change the the fild "Name" of an object to read only. if yes, how can i do it?

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Do you want to make that field read only for System Administrator Profile..?


If yes, as it is standard filed we can’t Edit the properties of that field.


(However this field is not editable for other Profiles)



The standard Name field in any Object is required and hence you cannot mark it as Readonly, neither by Field level security nor by Pagelayout.

If the type of Name field is Autonumber then by default it is Readonly.


You will need to take the help of Trigger or Validation rule if you are seeking some business specific requirement on this field.


Why do you want to have it readonly ?


The name field is a rather important field, its the main identifier for a record for users (where I is more a technical identifier).  


There is a possibility to visually remove or limit the Name field with javascript, but you will still need to provide a value in it from javascript and is not really that good practise in most cases. If you let us know what you are trying to achieve, maybe we can assit you with a better alternative approach to the unerlying requirement.


i need to hide the field name because i use a workflow to put values in.

the idea is to not be forced to write values in the name field to save record.that s all.thanks


you can go by validation rule, easiest approach.