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What is SocialPost.object?



Wondering what SocialPost.object is and how I ended up getting the SocialPersona.object and not the SocialPost.object? How do I enable the SocialPost.object?

I have a sandbox referencing SocialPost.object and related layouts but when I try to deploy using ANT to Production instance, Product instance has no idea what SocialPost.object is. This is weird as the sandbox is a fairly new refresh from Production. Any ideas?


Thanks, JDL


I was hitting the same strange object while trying to deploy from SB to prod via Eclipse.

As of today 2012-08-17 there seems to be no official documentation out there.


So I ended up removing the reference in the xml of the Profiles. Deploy then succeeded.


We are also having the same issue moving from Sandbox to Prod using the IDE.  


This is still an issue.  

Manually editing Meta-Data xml is a work-around, but we need some official word on this.  A smooth running deployment tool is crucial!