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Problem when using convertLead, with setConvertedStatus(String)

I am getting an Invalid_Status error, so I'm assuming it is being feed the wrong value. This is what I feed to it.

select Id,MasterLabel from Lead where isConverted=true (java api example)

Id MasterLabel
00000x0000SomeUniqueId1 Label1
00000x0000SomeUniqueId2 Label2

So I feed it Label1, but it returns back as Invalid Status, what table should I be looking at?

Please help! Thank you!

EDIT: API 5.0, Java

Message Edited by fredericksiu on 03-09-2005 10:17 AM

Still need help
You need to query LeadStatus for valud status values

Select MasterLabel from LeadStatus where IsConverted=true


Can you please let me know if this issue was resolved for you?

Appreciate your feedbacks.

Thanks and regards