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Renewal Button

Hi All,


I have created a custom button on the opportunties page called " Renewal 1 Year"


https://emea.salesforce.com/006/e?opp3={!Opportunity.Account}%20- Renewal&opp4={!Opportunity.Account}&opp7={!Opportunity.Amount}&opp9={!Opportunity.CloseDate}&opp5=Renewal&opp11=Stocking Order Due&opp14=This is a renewal order


it creates a clone of the opportunity with some amendments for a the renewal.


how can i get it to add 365 days to the close date ?


Sure its somthing simple but i just cant work it out  





Message Edited by jmaskell123 on 09-07-2009 03:48 AM
Why not just create a formula field on the opportunity object that does the calculation and use that as the URL parameter instead of the close date?

Cant belive i diddnt think of that.


Also is there any other way of preforming the same task but also creating the same products.


may need a javascipt button instaid ?


Any ideas