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Changing Date when Lead is convered

Currently it's set up to set the close date to the last day in the quarter, but I would prefer it just be 120 days from the date of entry.  I need some help deciding if this is a worklfow or validiation solution.  thanks!

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I am assuming you are talking about converting lead to account and in the process creating an Opportunity, and so you wanted to change the Opportunity Close Date.Yes?


Validation rule will only enforce restrictions. So here you would want to use workflow rule that will essentially update the Opportunity entry. I think you would use the criteria of having this workflow fire once (i.e. when the Opportunity is first created) and then have a field update rule that will change the Opportuntiy Close Date (could just use a formula and have it be something like: Today() + 120


The trick is to make sure this Opportunity workflow only fires during a lead-to-Opportunity conversion, as oppose to whenever you are manually creating a new Opportunity.  One way to do this could just be to have a custom field in Lead and map it to a custom field in Opportunity. This way your workflow rule will also check on this custom field in Opportunity to determine that a newly created Opportunity is the result of the converted Lead and so would be triggered only for that criteria.