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Need help: Case Comment - Email Alert Workflow

The main goal is to notify Account Owner and additional email of a Case. So I set up a new Workflow Rules with criteria "Case Comment: Body not equal to null". The workflow is working fine. Then I also set up a new Email Alert.


I did these steps:


Here is my current obstacle, I cannot send the email alert to the Case Account Owner and Email Field I created. There is options for both, but Account Owner from the list is basically My Account (logged in account), not the Case Account Owner. And the email field I created does not show up on the list.


Any idea? Thanks in advance

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When you created the additional Email Field, did you create it as an email  data type or you had it as a text?

If it's text, even if you label it (and put in as value) Email field/syntax, it won't show up as an available option.


How do you mean Case Account Owner? Do you just mean the Case Owner?


Thanks for your reply zen_nj.


Case Account Owner is the Account related to this case. So this is usually the salesperson responsible/assigned to this Account.


I asked the SF Support and apparently this is a bug. They've escalated the issue but I haven't heard back from them.