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Help on Creating a Workflow Rule



I need to create a workflow rule on a custom object that changes records marked as active in that object to inactive, when the record was last modified 7 days ago or earlier.



This needs to be done as a formula I think, but I don't know how to create the formula.




So, the field that should change, when this rule is finally created, is a custom field in the custom object called "Active" and it is a checkbox (true indicates the record is active, false indicates the record is inactive).  I need this workflow rule to change all records currently marked true for "Active" to false, IF the record was modified 7 adys ago or earlier.


In words I think the formula looks like this:


IF record is true for "Active" field, and LastModifiedDate is less than or equal to (Today - 7 days), THEN change record to false for "Active" field.


Can someone help me with the syntax and actual coding of the formula I need?


Thanks a lot.


the workflow rule may be


DATEVALUE(LastModifiedDate ) < ( TODAY() -7)


-OR -


LastModifiedDate <  (NOW() -7)



and then the field update can be applied!!



hope that helps



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