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Salesforce to Salesforce - S2S - New child record created in subscriber account

OK, I've searched the help files and the boards for a few hours and spent another few talking to support with no resolution to this question yet.  Account type: Professional


We have a connection established with one of our client companies.  Initially they set up a Publish relationship and we subscribed.  All of the selected records (Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Tasks, Opportunities) populated into our account as expected and updates we apply to the records are reflected back to our client (publisher).


Now the question.  What is the setup and process that enables us (subscriber) to create additional child records (Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks, etc.) and have them populate back to the client's account?




if you create child record under received account and setup publish (your org) and subscribe (target org)

then you can forward child records using child records list view (manually)


if you want to do this programmatically then you can write trigger and inserting PartnerNetworkRecordConnection with proper LocalRecordId and ParentRecordId.


Thanks Saaspert.  We will try the manual approach.  We may have already.  It's been so long since the original post I'm not sure how it worked out, but I do know that we are not currently relying on this capability.


The publish/suscribe functionality is not well understood by many of the SF support personnel and we do not have the budget to hire a consultant to work it out.


I'll post back to let you know if the manual method worked.

adi kurugantiadi kuruganti

when manually forwarding the child record use the 'Manage Connections' link on the Sent Connection Name column of the child related list available on the parent page layout.


Details are also available in the implementation guide found on this blog: https://sites.secure.force.com/blogs/ideaView?c=09a30000000D9xo&id=087300000006qLzAAI