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Urgent Request: Account Ownership Change not updating Opportunity owners

We have experienced a change in the SFDC environment with respect to accounts and opportunities. Currently and in the past, we have a PHP process which transfers accounts to various owners based on an outside system we have for master accounts.

In the past, the opportunities that were active would automatically move over with the change via the API. Now, they are not. Is this a change in the way that SFDC handles these ownership changes? Is there anything we can do to mitigate it? It’s causing a lot of data integrity issues on our end.

We think the change occurred around Mindfully to Mid-August. However, it took us until September to realize that it was happening though, after a bunch of records weren't being swapped over

I cannot find anything in the API documentation about this.  This is really urgent and is causing us to have to fix these issues manually when it has never happened in the past.



I have an open ticket with Salesforce support and the teir level 2 support cannot figure out why this was once happening and now it is not

Ron, Simon, or Nick - Do you gentlemen know why this was available and now the owner is not changing on open opportunities when the account owner is changed via the API?


This is extremely important 


Did you get any traction on this with support? I am having the same experience right now and need this to be resolved ASAP to put in additional processes. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.


Thank you,