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Reports and Criteria



Is there a way to put functions inside a report criteria?  For example, if I set the operator to CONTAINS I do not want to hard code a month.  What I really need to know is that the opportunity field DESCRIPTION contains 09/**/09.  The problem is we have the users enter mm/dd/yy as the first part of a line in the description.  This helps know when they added the comment but they may enter mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy!  I just want to catch mm and yy of the current date that it runs.  I tried something like MONTH(Today()) but it did not work.


So can we use functions in report criteria and if we can can you provide a link to help on this and an example?


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You can't use formula functions in a report, but you could create a new formula field on your opportunity to get your comment date, and then use evaluation criteria on that field.  So filter on something like if the formula field = THIS MONTH or LAST MONTH.