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Siddharth Birari.ax1164Siddharth Birari.ax1164 

SFDC Report through Email



I have a requirement to send my SFDC Reports/Dashboards through email.

Preferably reports/dashboards should be in email body itself.


For sending emails, I have my own web service, which sends the email.


Seeking for some ideas, how to do it.


Thanks in advance.


You can do this through scheduled reports/dashboards without needing to write apex code.

Siddharth Birari.ax1164Siddharth Birari.ax1164

oh, I missed to mention one thing..


what if i exceed the governer limits to schedule the reports/dashboards.


Hmm. This starts to get tricky then.  Theoretically you can pull down the contents of a report/dashboard using getContent for the page in question, but you won't be able to use that in scheduled/batch apex.  I'd imagine that some of the page would contain references to resources that would require a login also.  


If it were me, I'd look at using an external solution - something like selenium executed on a timed basis, but I'd imagine you'd still hit problems trying to capture the entire contents of the page for inclusion in an email.