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Issues with IE 8 & Windows 7

Has anyone experienced issues with Salesforce closing out while tring to navigate within the app white on IE 8 and having Windows 7?  We just recently upgraded some of our users to Windows 7 and are experience a slew of issues, the big one being that salesforce will just close causing the user to pull up IE again and login.  Sometimes the user cannot even log in.  Is there a java issue or some sort of IE setting that could be causing this?  If the user uses FireFox, no problems at all, but that is not an option, as our IT department will not allow users to put FireFox on the work laptops.  Thoughts?



If you go to help and training you can type browser configuration and it will give you a list of settings.


However what you are experiencing is not typical



Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

Sounds like there is a plugin, possibly a Group Policy setting, or some other browser plugin that is loaded on those machines that may be erroring out IE.  


I had that happen a lot when I had the old Skype click-to-call plugin installed.  Not Salesforce's fault (as you can see with Firefox working just fine), but nonetheless a problem.


I would try opening IE without any plugins enabled and see if that helps.