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Approval Process - Approval Assignment Email not sent at every step

Hi All,


I have configured a simple Approval process with 3 steps.  I have selected a common email template in 'Approval Assignment Email Template', expecting the same email to be sent at every step.


Email is sent only for the first 2  steps, not on the third step(final step).  The actions(field updates) I added in step 1 and step 2 are performing good.  Only the email is not being sent in the final step.  What am I doing wrong? Any other settings to be changed?  Anything needs to be done for the final step?



In detail:


I have Stage picklist with values Created(default), Verified, Supported, Approved.


Entry criteria in to approval process: ALL

Approval Assignment Email Template: Selected (Approval Email Template Name)


Step 1: if Status =Created, assign to a user1.

Approval Action: Update Status to 'Verified'  


Step 2: if Status = Verified, assign to user2.

Approval Action: Update Status to 'Supported'


Step 3: if Status = Supported, assign to user3

Approval Action: Update Status to 'Approved'


Process I followed:


When I create a record, since the status is 'Created', it gets into Step 1 and I receive the default email.  Now, I approve it.

The status changed to ' Verified' as per Step 1 approval action.  - FINE


Now, it goes into step 2 as status is 'Verified', yes I got an email. Now, I approve this too. That status changed to 'Supported' as per the approval action in Step 2 - FINE 


Not the status is 'Supported',  it should send me an email not as we are into Step 3.  But here, I dont get an email !! 

The default email will not be sent in the final step?


( I know, I have not setup the the final approval actions.  But I am still in step 3. I need to get an email as I enter step 3.   I am not looking for an email after approving step3, am still in step 3 )


Please let me know if am doing anything wrong here.




The email configured doesn't go during the third step as 3rd step is the last step in your case.

As stated, the email configured will go to the person who needs to approve.

But in this case, as 3rd is the last step, there is no body else required to approve.


If you want to send the same email after the 3rd step as well, configure the same template via an Email Alert in final approval and rejection actions