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3rd Party App installation assistance

We have a custom application that we've built in a Developer account, and we'd like to deploy it to our production Salesforce instance. We recently tried to do this using the Force.com IDE's deployment tool, but it failed, because a unit test for a different plugin (Inline Account Hierarchy) failed, bringing our overall code coverage down to 68%.

Specifically, the message returned when the assertion fails is: "Pre deploy test failed, This may be because of custom validation rules in your Org. You can check ignore apex errors or temporarily deactivate your validation rules for Accounts and try again." Again, this is returned by Inline Account Hierarchy, NOT our application.

We're unaware of any custom validation rules, but where can we look to confirm that we do or do not have any?

Please advise as to what the best course of action is here. We're heavily reliant on the Inline Account Hierarchy functionality, but we also need our own app (which has 98% coverage) to be deployed as soon as possible.


Best solution is try to improve your test class and as well as all other test class, that will imporove your code coverage.

For one time PRD move there are lot's of way but in future you will suffer from same problem.


My suggestion is improve your code coverage


Deactivation of validation rule is not a solution..

Hello, did you ever find a solution for this - I'm trying to adjust the tests but I'm not getting far!