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URGENT: Force.com IDE Deploy To Server Inconsistencies



I've experienced some inconsistencies when migrating components from a sandbox to a production org. I made sure I have the most recent copy of the component (Refreshed from server), and when I do a comparison of the XML files, there are no differences. Has anyone else encountered these issues? If so, how were the issues resolved?



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Can you please brief it a little bit more?


When you refresh the latest copy of the component from Production to a sandbox, they would obviously be identical right?


If you want to compare the older versions of the same xml file to that of the latest version in production, you can do that in Eclipse IDE, by opening the file in IDE, right click over the code and select Compare with Local History.




Mike @ BlackTabMike @ BlackTab

After refreshing the data from both sandbox and production orgs in eclipse, I do an XML comparision and they're exactly the same. However when I login to each org and do a side-by-side comparision, there are discrepancies. I've seen this many times, I have even opened up cases with salesforce to resolve the issue however I really haven't received a good answer.