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Email Template Mergre Issue

 I have 2 related list in opportunity say R1 and R2.


In email template for R2 i have to merge fileds from R1...


Any help on this??


Hi Amit,


I understand that both r1 and r2 have a relationship(lookup)  with Contact and therefore exist on Contact page as related list.


In order to have R1's field on email template created on R2 - you will have to have a relationship between R1 and R2


For example:

On a contact - I have Case and Purchase (custom object) as two related lists


I would be able to create an email template with Contact fields on Case or Purchase and these fields will be populated when I select this template to send a mail from say case or Purchase Object


Hope this helps!


Thank you  Sonam for your respone.


In my case there is no relation between R1 and R2. I have Opportunity having two related list partner and extension.

and on extension object email template i have to merge field which is name from Partner.


Any suggestion can you please give to achieve this?


Hi Amit,


This would not be possible through simple email template and merge fields but  you can definitely explore Visualforce email templates :


Go through the following links to understand these templates better:


Sample Visualforce template:



Hope this helps!