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package Deployment is failed on developer sandbox envoirment



I have make pakage on developer org. now i am going to install this package on developer sandbox this give me error.

error is below.


The package installation failed. Please provide the following information to the publisher:


Organization Name: ADT

Organization ID: 00Df0000002Fk5z

Package: Infogroup Match

Version: 1.2

Error Message: The post install script failed.



when i am going to install this package on other developer org. its install successfully.

i also install this package on other sandbox.


but when i going to install this package on other sandbox its give me above error .


so please give me solutions.




I have read some where this solution 

Have you tried removing the with sharing from the class definition or replacing it with without sharing?


See also: Managed package install script - sObject type not supported

but same package i already install on sandbox and my another developer account. so at that time its not given me any error. its install successfully. we not declare anything with sharing for class