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Setting the Custom Object sharing Default access to Controlled By Parent

i have a custom object whose default Access is Public Read/Write i have to change it to Controlled By Parent . how to accomplish tha ??

This is possible only if this custom object has a master-detail relationship with another object (Parent)

For this you need to create a Master Object for this current object so automatically Sharing setting would be set "Control by Parent".

Deepak Kumar ShyoranDeepak Kumar Shyoran

There are two cases mention below


1- First if the custom object have a master-details relationship then the child security will always follow the parent.


2 -And in second case when child is a standard lookup relationship, then the child can have it's own security model.



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Saravanan Sivalingam 1Saravanan Sivalingam 1
Hi Deepak Kumar Shyoran, If I dont have a access for the parent, what will happen for the child creation. If the child object is parent of another object.