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Custom Hyperlink - Create an event from case hyperlink (works when not in service console)

I have created a custom hyperlink that only works when you aren't in the service console. The hyperlink is on my case page layout.


Here is the link -


https://na5.salesforce.com/00U/e?aid=02370000001LDFh&anm=Operations+System+Alert+Calendar&evt5={!Cas..."500"&evt3={!Case.CaseNumber}&retURL=%2F00U%2Fc%3FcType%3D1%26cal%3DOperations%2BSystem%2BAlert%2BCalendar%26cal_lkid%3D02370000001LDFh%26cal_lkold%3DOperations%2BSystem%2BAlert%2BCalendar&what_id=" &{!Case.Id} , "Create Event")&isdtp=vw


This works perfectly well. It populates the event subject, the related to case, and assigns to a public calendar.

evt5 = subject

evt3_mlktp = related to object

evt3 = case number


Does anyone out there know why this would not work when you are in the services console application?  The hyperlink brings up a new event page but doesn't pass any parameters and doesn't associate to the public calendar.  Salesforce support just says that custom links aren't supported by SF.






Hello Christian,


Please refer the following link for a better understanding on the behavior of custom links/buttons in service cloud console:






Hope it helps!