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Searching Developerforce site doesn't find board postings

I just viewed a post that I had written a week or so ago, copied the subject line, and then pasted it into the Search box at the top right of the Developerforce site. But when I searched for that string, my post didn't show up in the results.


It's not just this one post -- I've been having problems for quite a while finding posts that I know exist. The discussion boards are a great resource, but not so much when I can't rely on the search results. Is somebody working on the search funtionality?


Hi MJ,


Thanks for asking! We're aware that search doesn't work in an ideal way and have been looking at options for improving results.


We have some ideas that we'll be testing and hopefully a solution rolling out over the next several months. Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions or suggestions!