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Customizing the Opportunity Products Functionality

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I have a query regarding the way the Opportunity Products work. Could any one help me understand how the following can be achieved:


1.) Navigate to the Detailed Page of an opportunity.

2.) Move to the Related list of Opportunity Products.

3.) Click on "New", to create new opportunity products. The Page is redirected to a Edit page of Selecting a Product.

4.) Once the product is selected and "Select" Button is clicked on the Intermediate page it directs to the Product Creation page.

5.) Here once The "Save" button is clicked the page re-directs to Opportunity Detailed Page.


I need to customize the Step 4 and 5 as below:


1.) Can we add custom buttons with custom functionality to the Intermediate Page layout of the Opportunity Products?

2.) On saving the "Opportunity Products" record, i need to redirect to any desired page but not the Detailed Page of the Opportunity.


Can the Functionality be built like in case of custom Lead Convert functionality?


Any pointers would be appreciated.





Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Hi Sushupsi,


What you want to achieve is not possible natively as you can not edit "multilineitem.jsp" . For this you need to create custom pages and on that you can create custom buttons.


I have shared some inbuilt logics on opportunity and quote. You can follow this :





Ankit Arora

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