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Multi-Select Picklist Value too long for the max size 40

When laoding my custom field Multi-Select Pickist Values from the IDE I receive the follwoing erorr: Picklist Value too long for the max size 40


Is there a way to increase the length of the Multi-Select Picklist values? (Considering I do not get the same length restriction for my picklist values)


Each entry of Multi-select picklist cannot exceed 40 characters, It is defined by Salesforce and I guess there is no way to increase this limit.

Jack SanfordJack Sanford
Why does the sandbox allow you to enter values of more than 40 characters, but this only errors in production?
Venkata Suresh Kumar Araveeti 11Venkata Suresh Kumar Araveeti 11
@jack, the validation was relaxed in Spring '16. Was your production upgraded to Spring'16?
If the issue is with the deployment, the 40 character length validation was not relaxed at all the locations. Here is a similar article.