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Can you link to a document in Salesforce such that it wouldn't prompt for a login?

I don't think this is possible in SF, but wanted to ask.  I would like to be able to send customers an email with a link to a document in our SF instance.  However, it prompts for a login and password.  Is there a way to publish some documents online in SF?


Follow the steps given below :


       1. Save your document in a static resource.

       2. Write click on the "View file" link and copy the link location from the attached Static Resource Detail page.

       3. Create a Public Site if you do not have already.

       4. Create a public link using copied link location and Website URL.

       5. Website Site URL/Paste your copied link location, the link should be look like this


Pratibh PrakashPratibh Prakash

Create a document and select Externally available check box, then it can be accessed without login. For example i have uploaded a gif image in document and made it externally available. Below is URL for same:



Perfect! Thanks a lot.

hey Pratibh...


  am having a CSS. document and i want to use that file using URL, without loging in my salesforce org


The situation is,  when m not logged in my salesforce Org. and i try to access my code using URL, It only calls the public site page, but not the code which is in my Org.

Donno what to do...





I'm looking to store my company's presentations in the Documents section of Salesforce then we're thinking we can provide these proposals to our sales reps as links. So they would include the link in their email and our customer would download the proposal from Salesforce. Is this possible? It seems only images are available externally? Not things like Powerpoints? Sometimes our Powerpoints are very large and may not transfer easily in an email.

Thank you...

Scott Pielsticker
JP Rogers 20JP Rogers 20
I also found that you can right-click on image in documents and choose "copy image address". This worked for my web form.