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Approval process

Hi There,


I've a req. like based on opportunity level if Product Type field is 'ABC' then it's corresponding product manager,i.e.manager of that 'ABC' Product should get notification for approval.


is there any approach for this??






If you want to send just notification mail to manager or particular person, then you can achieve with work flow or Trigger (If needed).


But if you want Approval of the Record then you need to go for approval process.

Generally Record will be going for Approval only by clicking the Button submit for Approval.

But you don’t want this Button click also then you need to invoke approval process through Code, where you need to work lot on Apex.


If you are looking for any of above scenarios try to do that. But if not clearly mention what you are looking for (I might not understood correctly).





Thanks for ur reply.business wants, User object should be used to get the product manager without hardcoding the names on the approval process.