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mapping fields

Can you map fields from a custom object to a standard object?



In what manner?


1) Is this from some one hitting a button on record "A" and auto populating record "B" on a different object?


2) Or do you need just a selection that was made on record "A" to show on objects "B" record?



For 1 you can create a custom button that auto populates fields from object A to object B's record.


For 2 you can create a cross object formula (Note that this field would not be editable)




Thank you for your reply.

I am using the social app in salesforce, when i hit create case button i would like some fields to map over to the case fields automatically. similar to the lead conversion process.


yea you would have to create a custom URL button for this....


If you search on the board for "Custom URL button" you will find some results to give you a better understanding on how to write this.


If it is going to a standard object, I actually think it is more complex then going to a custom object. For standard object you will need to find the mapping, for custom objects you can just reference the field ID.


I will try to look this up and attach it to this thread if I find it as it was a very helpful tool.




Thank you. The other limitiation that i have is its a manage package that im trying to work with.


Here is the link.




Here is an example:


/500/e?retURL=%2F500%2Fo   (Note: go to the object you want and click "New" and then copy everything pass the Salesforce.com to the Fo, this tell the system what type of record it should be creating)


&cas4={!Account.Name}  (Use the mapping above if it is a standard object to detemine the field ID as &cas4 means the account field)


&CF00N70000002vKe7={!Opportunity.Name }&CF00N70000002vKe7_lkid={!Opportunity.Id} (For custom fields, just list the field ID) 





Hope this helps.



If you are deploying to other environments, the Field ID changes. Do you have any suggestions on how to create a button that does the same thing but can take into consideration a new environment?