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Salesforce reports



I have a requirement where in i must schedule a report, extract the output as an excel and send it as an email attachement with a predefined template. On my initial understanding, my query is as below, 


1) Salesforce does not send report result as an attachment. So is there any workaround to achieve this.

2) Report scheduler sends an email of the result in salesforce predefined format, can i define a custom template and use the template to send across the scheduled report result?

3) The current report template has 5 sheets in it with images in first sheet and few pivot table in 2nd sheet. 3rd, 4th and 5th has the report data. I could understand that we need multiple reports, but is it possible to show them in same spreadsheet.


Any help is highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,




Could any of you please help me on this.