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Upserting Leads with the Apex Data Loader

After successfully merging Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities from one org to another via upserting them with external IDs in the Data Loader, I went to do the same with the Leads object.  I quickly noticed that when attempting to Upsert the Leads, it did not give me the option to select the External ID field on my Users so that I could map "OwnerID".


Why can't I map the external ID field on my User records to reflect lead ownership upon importing them via the Data Loader?  Do I need to simply insert them and then Mass Transfer the Leads to the appropriate owner, or is there a better way?






I haven't tried this explicitly but try the workbench. Pretty sure it has the smart lookup functionality available for OwnderId.


Hope this helps!




Thanks for this; it looks like a great tool.  Unfortunately, my csv file is too large.  Is there a size limit when using Workbench?  And is it possible for you to confirm or deny whether or not inserting them with myself as the lead owner and then mass transferring them would be appropriate?