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Apache Axis 1.2 in an Applet

I'm trying to use Axis 1.2.1 in an Applet. The applet will be querying the API and printing an invoice. (Definately something that has to be done client-side.)

I've been wrestling for the last few days trying to get Axis to play nicely in an applet. (Yes, I've signed _all_ the JARs.)

I've gotten it to work (mostly) except two things:

1. Axis tries to load the .class files from the webserver the .jar is hosted on _before_ it bothers to look in the JAR file. (Given that, at least for now, all the Axis classes are unjared and regared into the signed jar that's deployed it's ALOT of classes -- and makes things SLOW).
2. I get an odd "Exception in thread "Thread-8" java.lang.ClassFormatError: Truncated class file" error late in the process.

I've managed to get past the other odd ClassLoader Axis problems, and man is this a PITA!