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I'm new to this so it's probably a simple question for which I havn't been able to find a solution.

I'm using AJAX building a scontrol which changes the record type of the account record. Once completed I wan to reload the account form (which obviously is another form wince the record type was changed). I'v tried various forms of windows.parent.locationhref = refUrl where retUrl = "www.salesforce.com/{!Account_ID}" or {!Account_link}. It works ok except that a new window is created but I want to reload the existing form.

Sure, I'm now expert in JS

Best regards,


Hi Per,

A couple of ways to do this.  One is to use the describe sobject result.  It contains a detailUrl field which is the correct url to use for a record detail.  You would just replace the {ID} portion with the actual id.

The other way would be to use frontdoor.jsp, but this seems unnecessary since you are in an scontrol context.