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Prevent resubmission of an approved record



I have a use case, wherein, if an opportunity record is approved once, the user shouldn't be able to submit it again for approval.


Standard functionality allows resubmitting an approved record.


I know I can prevent it if I use Apex to submit the Approval. But then I'd have to develop custom page too. I want to leverage the standard page and functionality, but want this extra feature. 


Can anyone suggest a method with standard functionality to do it?


Thanks in advance

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I was thinking through this and suddenly the solution splashed to me!


I created a picklist field called 'Approval_status__c'with values 'approved' and 'rejected'.

From the approval process, I used field update final action to update the field value to 'approved' upon approval and 'rejected' upon rejection of the record.


I put the entry criteria as 'Approval_status__c' not equal to 'approved'!


That's it. So simple!


I thought this might save the time for anyone with a similar problem.Hence sharing.