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Need help with Adobe Flex SOSL

I apologize for this totally newbie question, but I've exhausted all manuals and google, tried all possible combinations, but I'm stuck. I feel like an idiot for even having to ask, but any help is greatly appreciated.


Here's the code --



//PART 1: The search -
force.search("FIND {test} IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Contact(id, firstname)", new AsyncResponder(searchHandler));

// ... some code here

//PART 2: searchHandler -
var srArray:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
srArray = result.searchRecords;
var count:int = 1;
for(var i:int=0; i<srArray.length; i++) {
//None of these worked

//var a:SObject = srArray[i].getFields()[0].record;
//var a:SObject = srArray[i].getFields()[0].Contact;
//var a:SObject = srArray[i].getFields()[0].Name;
Name:srArray[i].getFields()[0].toString() //This returns a display of a list of 'record'

//This returns a display of a list of '[object Object]'
//grid.dataProvider = result.searchRecords;


Here's an example of what I'm getting from the code attempts above --




The question is -- how do I get the labels and values out of the collection?


Thanks in advance ..

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Ok, I am an idiot. The answer was pretty simple --



for(var i:int=0; i<srArray.length; i++) { var a:SObject = srArray[i].record; dpArray.addItem( { No:count, Id:a.id, Name:a.FirstName } ); count++; }