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SSO: connection time out with salesforce server

I'm getting a timeout on this command: binding.getUserInfo(), and it's not clear to me why.

The underlying problem is at the socketConnect() method, called in the doConnect() method of PlainSocketImpl.java  The address it's trying to connect to is this:  na3.salesforce.com/  This is the address sent along by the custom tab, a result of this code in my custom tab:


The code is here:
 SforceServiceLocator serviceLocator = new SforceServiceLocator();
 SoapBindingStub binding = new SoapBindingStub();
 SessionHeader sh = new SessionHeader();
 String ns = serviceLocator.getServiceName().getNamespaceURI();
 binding.setHeader(ns, "SessionHeader", sh);
 binding._setProperty(SoapBindingStub.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY, uri.toString());
 GetUserInfoResult userInfo = binding.getUserInfo()

Context:  I'm running the developer edition of SalesForce, trying to use the official SSO method described on site.   I've implemented the code in java / JSP.  We are behind a proxy server, but I haven't had any trouble connecting to https://na3.salesforce.com/015/o.  I can ping na3.salesforce.com just fine.  My local application is *not* using SSL currently, though it will  eventually.

Thanks for any advice!