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SOQL - No Such Column for Custom Object

We are using a Websphere server to retrieve Case information and generate notification emails to a variety of people.  Becuase you cannot (in this release - Winter 07) create workflow based emails using a formula to calculate the email address, we have resorted to use=ing an SOQL query against a custom lookup object which contains the user name and email address (including users external to salesforce.com).
The query:
SELECT Service_Resp_Lk__c, Service_Resp_Notified__c FROM Case WHERE (Service_Resp_Notified__c = false) and (Service_Resp_Lk__c != '')

The query works fine in appexchange.schema tool and returns the id's from the custom object (as expected).  We noticed the Lookup Custom fields are not available in the Excel Connector tool or the Workflow field selections (PickLists are, but not Lookups).  I have read over a hundred posts, with no good answer when using Java.
Field Definitions:
Service_Resp_Lk__c - Lookup Field relationship to Case from Custom Object containing email address
Service_Resp_Notified__c - boolean flag used to determine if email was sent previously
Any help would be appreciated.
If the query works from the Eclipse plugin, then it'll work from java as long as you're using a current API version, make sure you're using API v9.0