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Scenario in which temporary users are created on the fly to run background processes?

 I'm seeing this in the logs...As an example, I've got a piece of custom code that I've been hired to look at. It  is a trigger and some classes. Every morning (early in the morning), this code generates hundreds of errors and if I look at the user, it is one that doesn't seem to exist in the system.


Here is an example of the username:


Org Id: 00dz00000008ZBhiAM

Username: 023i0000000l6Qwiak@00dz00000008ZBhiAM


The error is that this user doesn't have access to one of the custom objects used by the trigger/classes. My main question though is do you all know of any background processes in general that create/run under temp users.  I've seen this in a number of other customer sites but never really paid much attention to it. Now it really has me curious...


Actually, the more I look, I've got multiple orgs where I am seeing this same user in the logs. The format is always the same.




I'm stumped.