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B2B and B2C in the same Org?



I have investigated the issue of B2C (Person Accounts) in SFDC and am satisfied that is what we need. However, we still need Normal (B2B) Accounts. By enabling Person Accounts, can I still have Normal (B2B) Accounts in the same Org?






Hi Ross,


I believe it is possible to have both B2C and B2B accounts in an ORG.


Person Account is a record type that gets created in the ORG once it has person accounts enabled.

You can create person account under this record type.

Rest, other accounts can be create as Business accounts.





It is definitely possible to have person accounts and business accounts in the same org - we have a couple of customers that have this setup.


In order to check whether Perosn account is enabled click on new button on Account if  it ask you for person Account option as Record typeit means Person Account is enabled other you should contact with your Adminstrator to log a case to enable this.


After enbeling person Account in org you wil get Business Account as well.