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Implementing web-to-lead concept for other object????????

can we implement web-to-lead concept on other object,


Like  web-to-Account, web-to-Contact  and web-to-Custom object......??????


please help me.....



No this feature is released by Salesforce only for Stadard S Object Lead as per looking at business needs.


There are several ways you could implement a web-to-??? feature with other objects. 


1. Public sites page running visualforce+apex.

2. Integration where the other page is using either the SOAP or REST API to post data into salesforce. This requires a salesforce user to initiate the connection with Salesforce. 

3. There are weirder, funkier ways as well, such as a web form that sends an email handled by an inbound email service. 


The nice thing about web-to-lead is the ease of generating the form, and the fact that it is standard HTML that any web developer can decorate with CSS to make it look like whatever you want it to. You won't get that kind of declarative ease when implementing this with other objects, but it is certainly possible. 


Here's an example of web-to-case in Visualforce in this article here: 




@N@ni - Although this is a good case for standard integration using Web Services or REST. You can have your Web Form talk to salesforce through these integration methods by creating Apex Web Service or a REST Resource class and then calling it from your enterprise app/web app.

I did it using sites on one of our projects:


1)Created a custom object to store collected data

2) Created apex controller & visualforce form page to collect data

3)Exposed visualforce page/apex classes on sites.


Let me know if you need anymore help.


Quick easy and simple solution is to use something like Zapier in the middle. Example below.