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Is there a better way



I have three custom objects object1, object2, and object3.


Object2 is looks up a field in object1 and is the master of object3


In an apex class I have a query like List<object1> testList = new List<object1>( [select name, Object2_relationship_to_Object1__r.id from object 1])


What I need to do is take the id that is returned from object2 and get all the members of object3 that are related to it (select name from object 3 where id =: testList.Object2_relationship_to_Object1.id), but the only way that I can think to do it is interate through testList and call another query, which I know is bad because of governor limits.  Is there a better way to do this?



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(SELECT Id,Name FROM Object1Relationship__r),
(SELECT Id,Name FROM Object3Relationship__r)
FROM Object2__c WHERE Id IN (SELECT Object1_Lookup_To_Object2__c FROM Object1__c)

 You use two sub-queries to find the list of Object1 and Object3 associated with Object 2. If you need to filter based on Object1, you can use a sub-query in the filter clause (shown in the example above).