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How to call webservice in an salesforce account into another account of salesforce.



I need to use webservice class of one salesforce account into  another salesforce account.


Can any one tell me how to call that class in another salesforce account.?

CyberGroup Inc.CyberGroup Inc.

Its not allowed.


You can not call a webservice created in one salesforce.com org directly from another salesforce.com org.



Thanks for the rply.


Actually I worked on it....


I gone through few books..


What i observed in those books is we can do this by following below steps.



Setup-->Deveolp-->Apexclasses-->Generatewsdl-->choose a wsdl file of webervice which you generated.



Click on Parse wsdl.


Then you have a text in ur text box..

Like: soapSforceComSchemasClassOpportunit


We can call this webservice class in another sfdc account with this name.


Is it possible..?

Can you please help me ..

Its very urgent for me......




I am also facing the same issue, can you please tell me the solution?