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LIMIT_EXCEEDED : A loop was detected in Email-to-Case processing

We have ímplemented On-Demand Email-To-Case for a customer.

The customer recently got 6 emails that had this error message in the body.


"The following error occurred at the request of the incoming e-mail:

LIMIT_EXCEEDED : A loop was detected in Email-to-Case processing".


It was sent from support@emea.salesforce.com to a system admin with the subject 'Email-to-Case: Failures occurred during processing'


However reading about Email Loops, we don't seem to have encountered the same problem with thousands of cases being created due to autoresponse rules at both sender and receiver.


I don't think that the example in the e-mail has been registered as a case and email message either since the timestamps don't match exactly. However this is confusing. The email messages that I look at have a message date different from created date altough it says in the object reference documentation that the message date is the date the email was created. How does this work? (sub question)


Due to the lack of newly created cases that usually is a symptom on email loops I don't understand the error message and what has really happened. Anyone got a clue here?


Thanks / Niklas


I just found this http://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?id=000089879&language=en_US


Looks like the quantity of emails created with the same sender/subject line and time stamp causes the issue.