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Edward GeeEdward Gee 

How do you retrieve the default value for checkboxes via Partner API?

I'm hoping I simply overlooked something but I can't seem to determine what the default value of a checkbox is on my custom object using the Partner APIs.  From a describeSObject call, I can see the default value for Text fields (and the like) via Field.getDefaultValueFormula().  For picklists, I can see the default value via Field.getPicklistValues(i).isDefaultValue().  However, for checkboxes, I can't seem to determine whether the default value is "Checked" or "Unchecked".  Am I missing something here?

- Ed
Ron HessRon Hess
Yeah, i also don't see the default in the result of the describe on a boolean field.

Edward GeeEdward Gee
Just an FYI, we logged a bug/enhancement with Salesforce.
Prabodh SPrabodh S
   Even we have similar requirement. Did they come-up with some fix or solution?
Just let me know.