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Email2Case repeated cases

Hi guys,

I'm using Email2Case with Microsoft Exchange.  The messages are showing as 'read' on the server after the plugin does it's collection.  However, it keeps collecting read e-mails over and over.  So, it seems to be ignoring the 'read' status of the e-mail.

Perhaps this is standard behaviour and we need to delete the 'read' mails - however, I don't know how this works.

All the best,

Just realized - I should probably post my settings:


I tried changing readbox to 'Readbox' and errorbox to 'Errorbox' like other people, but that throws an error saying the folders don't exist.

Any help is greatly appreciated - I'm so close yet so far.  Some better docs from SFDC would really be quite helpful!



You will need to create a folder to store the "read" message, like "Processed" or something similar. The Email Agent will move messages that have been read to this folder. The email agent doesn't check to see if something has been read or not -- it just processes everything that is in the <Inbox> folder, in this case, your inbox, which is resulting in the same messages being processed over and over.

What email client did you use to try and create the new folders?


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Thanks Mark,

I created two folders on our exchange called 'Readbox' and 'Errorbox' as sub-folders from the main inbox folder.  This appears to be the root cause.  If I create sub-folders from the actual account (so it's on the same level as the calendar, tasks etc, that seems to have fixed it.

Thanks for your help.

All the best,

Does anyone know of a way to make the connector automatically delete and purge "Processed" emails?  We use an external email box and I just got a notice that after 6 months over 5700 messages were in the processed directory.  Oops.

Thanks in advance, Jay