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org.xml.sax.SAXException: Bad envelope tag: HTML

We have an outbound message triggered by a workflow and based on the Account object.  The outbound XML message is sent to our url where our web services program parses it and sends it to a queue.  There it is picked up by another program, parsed and processed (java programs) updating  records via the SF API.

Here's the update flow:  A Parent Account is updated.  The outbound message based on the account sends several fields of data.  Our java programs update the contacts for that Parent Account using the XML message without issue.  The Branch Accounts are then updated using the same message, also without issue.

However, once the Branch (or child) accounts are updated, they in turn generate the same outbound message based on the account object's workflow which recognizes the changes.  Another XML message is sent to process and update the corresponding contacts for those Branch (child) Accounts.  This is where the error above occurs.  It is not consistent.  Sometimes the messages are retried and processed.  Most often they retry but don't complete.

The error indicates that your listener returned a html element as the root element in the response, rather then the expected soap enveloper element. This typically happens when your listener code throws an exception that doesn't get handled, and so your app server is returning an HTML error page.
Is there a way to see the error page?