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Not Able See the value added into picklist

i have added some picklist  value like software1,software2  using metadata api
into custom picklist (SLA) of Account object.
when i see my apex explorer i am able to see those two values(software1,software2) in SLA__C table.
but when i create a new account i am not able to see those two values in
SLA picklist.
So can anybody tell what could be the problem.
Another thing can we add picklist value into standard picklist of standard object
using metadata api.
Did you add those new picklist values to be available in the record type you're using?
Hi snehalata.....
 can u please tell me how to add picklist to a custom object using metadata api ....I have successfully added text fields and  checkbox to my object ...but didnt find any methods in the api to add picklist.....
To see the piclist ..you have to set the field accesibility ....