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Site inside Web Tab isn't working properly in IE

A Web Tab is created with pointing to some specific URL. It works fantastic in FF as well as in Chrome. But IE don't want to allow me to login. However I can work with this site outside Salesforce pretty good.

I tried to create VF page and put iframe pointed to the same URL - the same situation.


Maybe there are any other options to achieve my goal?


The likely cause is that IE and (FF and Chrome) have different cookie handling behavior, which is likely preventing cookies from being set when accessed within a frame on IE.  


If the site is yours (ie you control the code), there are ways to force IE to accept the cookies; if its not, you can't, and the correctly path would be to link to the site instead of framing it.


In general, putting sites inside of IFRAMEs (unless they are explicitly designed to be accessed that way) is a bad idea.

Tanvir AnsariTanvir Ansari

It should be issue with the browser on your machine. Put same code from your developer account and test it from different machine other than yours and please let us know the result.


If the behavior continues to be same from different machines, then we can debug it.


iFrame is bad - I know. Just wanted to try.

The problem is that my URL's cookies are blocked in IE. And I don't know how to unblock them.


This "code" was tested on other PC. The same situation. Even versions of Windows are various.

Tanvir AnsariTanvir Ansari

I am confused. Does the site work in IE if you do not open it from Salesforce or through Salesforce WEB Tab or Iframe within Salesforce?

>> However I can work with this site outside Salesforce pretty good.

Tanvir AnsariTanvir Ansari

Then cookie is not even an issue.



<H1>Testing the website in Iframe </H1>

<iframe src="http://www.xyz.com"></iframe>
Replace the URL with your URL. Does that work?
Yes, it works.
Tanvir AnsariTanvir Ansari

Share the code, It is strange. It can not happen, and I know it is happening.


Try doing for some other URL and see if that also is an issue.

There is no code. You just create a web tab and put specific URL for it. That is it.
About another URLs. One stupidly redirects to a URL and another blocks cookies as well as my original URL.
It seams it's a general issue for IE...