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Auto Populate Quote Name with format ( Account | Region | Date)

Hi - I'm new to SalesForce development and I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to auto populate the Standard Required field ‘Quote Name’ with Account Name + Region + Today() from the Opportunity object.  So basically, when I click new it goes to the standard page and the field is populated with Is this new concatenated name, is this even possible? I looked all over the forums but did not find an answer. Thanks for your help.


I hope you mean that . 

From Account object  in the opportunity related  list section  you are clicking on new opportunity button and you want the field "quote name" to be prepopulated .  Is this your requirment ?

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Create a custom button and redirect to quote page.


Please append &Name=    with the account name. For getting the acccount name use {! variables


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Hello, Close, I am actually creating a new quote from the related list on opportunities. I am hoping to pull the Account name and region from the opportunity and concatenate with today(). On the Quote edit page there is the required field ?Quote Name? and this is the field I would like to auto-populate. I was able to create a workflow and field update that populates the field with (Account | Region | Date) after the record is saved. But being a required field I have to put something in that field before I can save. The desired effect was unacceptable. I would just remove the field and replace with a custom one if I could do that but cannot achieve that either. Thanks for your help.