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All my unconverted leads get modified by my ID every night at Midnight somehow?

Every night around midnight all our unconverted lead records seem to get touched by me.  I get listed as the last modified user.  In many cases certain values get changed.  I activiated  some field history tracking on key fields like phone, company , name, fax, etc.  It looks like leads are being revereted to some prior value.  I just started the tracking yesterday and reported on the history.  Indeed several examples show our reps making a change to a phone number, and at midnight I get logged as changing it back.


I am the admin so i am the default workflow user.  What is the best way to track down this automated mass lead update that happens every midnight?


Detailed note, I don't see any timed workflow or scheduled jobs that fire once every day around midnight.  The only apex jobs are both hourly schedules, the rest are report and dashboard refreshes.

Jeff MayJeff May

To help figure it out, look at the Login History for the user responsible for the change (you in this case).  You can see it at the bottom of the Setup->Manage Users page for the user.  The login history will show the time, IP,and most importantly the "connection" being used (is it Browswer, Outlook, Partner API, SOAP API, etc).

Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma
Seems, there is use some tool like scheduled command line data loader or something like that.
I agree with Jeff, Checking login history is best way of debugging.