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Add orders details to salesforce account from website



Can I add orders details as user create any order in my website in my salesforce account. I have creates one view in Leads in which I am showing all user details.can I show orders details also like products which user has purchased,billing-shippind address and all that under perticular user? I am using cakePHP framework. I mean using PHP is it possible? and specially in Leads..?? and if yes then How??

Jeff MayJeff May

You would need to use the Salesforce API to do the data exchange from your website to salesforce; and also to retrieve order information.  Products in Salesforce are generally associated with Opportunities.  Opportunities can be associated with Contacts and Accounts.  So your website would have to take care of making and updating all those records.

Gagan WaliaGagan Walia
Is there a plugin/API avilable that automatically does this? I have a wordpress site running woocommerce, and i would like to sync the order information between my website and salesforce. Any help?